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The Book of George



“The Book of George” is a project made by the people from HardComics. They contacted a few Romanian artists and asked them to collaborate in making a book for which each of them would draw a single chapter. The only information we got was that the main character, whose story we were telling, was 33 and living in Bucharest.

The ones who accepted received the title of the chapter they had to illustrate in 6 to 8 pages. The bit I was assigned was called “George falls in love”. Sergiu helped me in writing the story and then, after a full week’s work the comic was ready. It was very fun doing it, but, at the same time, very tiring. The book was printed and last weekend it was presented at a festival somewhere in France (Angouleme, I think). Because it was intended for that public, one of the requirements of the comic was that it had to be written in English.

Note: Click +drag the pictures to read the full story

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