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Pictura muralaMural paintings

This is the first project of this type I’ve worked on. The clients wanted to decorate their children’s rooms with scenes from the stories they were reading (Snow White in one room and The Jungle Book in the other). We chose the drawings from the books together and I scanned them. After that I processed them so that I had just a white line on black background and then I projected them on the walls and I proceeded to draw them, with a pencil at first.

An architect friend of mine (thanks, Iulia) filled most of it with acrylic and then we drew the black contour together. This was the most tiring and frustrating part because it required a lot of patience and I had to stay in quite unnatural positions to do it. We as well as the clients were very happy with the result. The job took about one week and the pictures don’t really do justice to the end result. I liked working on this because it was different from what I usually do.

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