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Illustrated story

This is a script illustration project, which I tried to do in the RSAnimate style, because I find the series very good. I chose not to draw on a whiteboard and film the process for logistic reasons and due to client preferences. Instead, I drew on the computer and recorded my desktop.

For those interested, here is the detailed process:

– I received and read the script
– With the help of the client I decided what I was going to illustrate from the script
– I made a large sketch containing all the frames in the storyboard, which also established their sequence
– The client was satisfied with the sketch
– I then proceeded to ink – the black outlines on the first draft. These were drawn on the red draft and recorded together
– Then the post-processing of the video followed, which included the removal of the red draft so it seemed like I drew everything on the spot. Then came the editing and audio synching (the video was cut into small pieces and each of them has a different speed for integration purposes)
– For my portfolio version I added a bit of colour and a vignette effect.

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